Ray Wylock Guitar
Ray began playing music at the age of 8 and became a long time Allman Brothers fan not
long after that. He attending Berklee College Of Music then moved to Maine where he
played lead guitar in various bands throughout the New England area for over 30 years.
Ray moved back to New York in 2011 and joined the Brothers of the Road Band at the
request of long time friend Steve Fernandez. After a long separation Ray and Steve are
"back to where it all began"...playing the music of the Allman Brothers and Dickey Betts
together once again.
Photo Courtesy Andy Phillips
Dan O'Connor - Drums
Dan began his musical journey at the tender age of 3 when his uncle placed a set of
headphones on his head and placed him on his knee behind a drum kit. The young uncle
proceeded to turn his nephew, during his impressionable years, onto the amazing music
being made at that time ( 60's & 70's )and to tell him of his personal experiences of
seeing some of the acts live and actually sitting in with one of them, The Allman Joys. At
the age of 9, Dan finally convinced his folks to take drum lessons and continued studying
though college, where he received a BA in performance from the Ithaca school of music.
His college band shortly there after, signed to a label and he received a sponsorship
from Tama drums.
Since then, he's played in many bands, playing many genres of music and most of the
time, those bands included and still include his brother on bass. One of which, did a tour
for the U.S. Troops stationed in Bosnia / Croatia during the late 90's.
Loving the sound that 2 drummer bands produce, like the Allman Brothers, Grateful
Dead, Doobie Brothers and Genesis, Dan is looking forward to creating this sound again.
Photo Courtesy Andy Philips
Dave O'Connor - Bass, vocals
.Dave started playing the bass guitar at the age of 9.  His roots are in the Jazz of Charles
Mingus and the like.  His first few bands were Grateful Dead/Jam bands that embraced this
genre of music.  Through undergraduate and (a few) graduate schools Dave was (and still
is) the front man for ’Starcode’, an indie pop rock band with a slant for the interesting jam.  
Starcode has toured nationally and internationally.  Dave also performs nationally as a
solo acoustic act.  Additionally, he is a member of  cover bands Infusion and Bigfoot
County along with with brother Dan O'Connor.  
The music of the Allman Brothers have influenced his writing and performance style from
day one.  His enthusiasm on stage echoes the peaks and intricacies of the jams he and
The Brothers of The Road bring to you.  
Steve Fernandez - Guitar / Slide Guitar / Vocals
Founder of The Brothers of The Road Band. “I heard Dickey Betts with the Allman
Brothers in 1974 bought a Gibson Les Paul and never stopped playing”. He studied
jazz guitar and composition at the Westchester Conservatory of Music in NY. His Allman
Brothers  influences include Duane, Warren, & Derek and most obviously Dickey Betts.
Besides his 73 Les Paul Deluxe Steve uses a Gibson 61 RI SG tuned in open E for
slide,and a Gibson 57 RI Goldtop all played through Marshall and Soldano Amplifiers
with vintage JBL speakers. "Playing & studying this music for the past 40+ years has
been an important part of my life......especially the style of Dickey Betts during his
years touring with The Dickey Betts Band and Great Southern. Considering he's
(Dickey) no longer touring I hope in some small way I can bring the essence of his
playing and tone to our audience and help keep the spirit of his music alive." "The
Road goes on Forever"
Chris Pagano - Drums
Chris began playing drums in his teens and has been drumming professionally for over
ten years. He studied privately on Long Island with Al Miller (Cab Calloway, Xaviar Cugat)
and went on to teach at his drum school. Chris’ influences include Butch Trucks, Jaimoe,
Yonrico Scott and Jeff Sipe, just to touch on an endless list. He began his gigging career
as a club date drummer and by the age of 18, Chris was spending summers playing eight
shows a week at Catskill Mountains resort hotels. As an active theatre musician, Chris can
be found constantly working, whether at local theatres or Off-Broadway shows. When
Chris was about 15, his uncle, drummer Peter Conn told him "If you really want to play the
drums, listen to some of this. He put on Jessica, we both sat down at different kits, played
along to the record and I was hooked”.  A year or so later, Chris' dad, Ron, took him to his
first Allman Brothers concert, and they’ve been going together every year since then!
Most recently, Chris had the pleasure of traveling to Atlanta, Georgia to study with Derek
Trucks' drummer, Yonrico Scott. Chris is from Bethpage, New York.
Rob Biggers - Keyboards, vocals
Rob began playing the accordion at age eight and moved to the piano and keyboards
around the time that bands like Yes, ELP, Pink Floyd and King Crimson were hot. Rob’s
influences include Dr John, Ray Manzarek, Chuck Lavell, Greg Allman, Rick Wakeman,
Keith Emerson and Bob Moog. Rob is a published songwriter and member of BMI and has
kept busy with a bunch of other musical endeavors which include – writing television and
cable jingles for clients including HBO, Fox, Scholastic and ESPN; Co-Owner of “Jamland”,
a full service music studio and networking facility for amateur musicians; Co-founder of
“Rock 2 Rebuild”, a non-profit, at-your-service volunteer organization producing live music
events to raise funds for local and global charities; Producer-at-Large for 107.1FM The
Peak and a contributing writer for “More Sugar” a Westchester and Putnam music and
entertainment magazine. Robs performance credits include playing in obscure and
unknown bands in places that include BB Kings, Bleeker Street’s Village Gate and Back
Fence, The Jupiter Civic Center, SUNY and other Northeast Campuses.  Rob lives in
Cortlandt Manor, New York.
Josi Davis - Vocals is an award wining songwriter, vocalist and dynamic
multi-instrumentalist originally hailing from the D.C./Baltimore area where she started
her music career singing for tips on cocktail shifts at the Inner Harbour. Josi studied
voice and theater and released her first album The Evolution of Love in 2013 as a
soundtrack to her nouveau cabaret/rock opera of the same name.  She is currently at
work with Philadelphia producer Louis Anthony deLise (Patti LaBelle, William DeVaughn)
on her sophomore release and a Fall tour. Her first single, "Your Kiss" was released in
February, and continues to receive airplay from AK to the UK.  Josi stays busy on the
road, writing, teaching and with several projects, including a new solo show, her
four-piece Josi Davis & Her Next Bold Move, and is ecstatic to bring her blue-eyed soul
and style to Brothers of the Road Band.
The Harris Brothers Horns composed of Don and Bill Harris have become a
regular component of The Brothers of the Road Band Shows. The Brothers play the
actual charts they wrote and performed with The Allman Brothers Band at The
Beacon Theatre NYC. Other performance credits include Bruce Springsteen, Tower
of Power, The Average White Band, Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, Dr John, Robbie
Dupree, Southside Johhny, The Hollywood All Stars, The Bernie Williams Band, Nile
Roberts, The Supremes, and recent tour dates with Lynyrd Skynrd.